Caprese Salad and Fruit Skewers With a Basil Vinaigrette

With temps in the 90’s all week simple, non-cooking recipes are part of my meals alongside something grilled. These skewers filled with fresh fruit, mozzarella balls, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and drizzled with a basil vinaigrette  are the perfect answer to a light and refreshing side. They are also a great choice for appetizers on an … Continue reading

Grilled Fruit for Dessert

There are many kinds of fruit that are great for grilling such as  pineapple, cantaloupe, bananas, peaches, plums and mangoes. Grilling fruit intensifies their sweetness and adds a little smokey flavor.  During the summer months the fruit is so fresh and sweet so I like to use it in as many ways as possible.  Plus … Continue reading

Cantaloupe with Lavender Syrup

Normally I just like my cantaloupe plain, but once in awhile it is nice to serve it as a light dessert.  Making a simple lavender syrup makes the cantaloupe shine.

Watermelon Salsa

This is one of the best salsas I have ever had, the fresh fruit, lime and basil makes all of the difference.  This recipe comes from the Food Network which I have adapted to my taste and is now a favorite that I am sure family and friends will enjoy.