Guanajuato, Mexico 2

My nephew Travis’ journey through Mexico…

Trav's Motorcycle Trek

4/4/2018 – 6/4/2018

Guanajuato (part 2)

In the end it did take another few months to finally write another blog post, sorry for the delay!

My last two months in Guanajuato were really great. All of the teachers, administrators, and fellow students at Escuela Falcon made my time in Guanajuato really special, and I will miss them all dearly as I continue on my travels.

I also got the chance to do some really rewarding volunteer work at a local underprivileged elementary school through the Muskoka Foundation, and was even named one of Muskoka’s “Catalyst Travelers” for 2018! I’m excited to keep working with Muskoka Foundation organizations throughout my travels.

Cristo Rey

One of my weekend motorcycle trips was to the nearby Cristo Rey monument, a large “Christ the Redeemer” style statue on a mountaintop about an hour’s ride from Guanajuato. The ride there was a little slow going…

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