Black Swallowtail Butterfly Laying Her Eggs

This lovely Black Swallowtail Butterfly has been flying around my deck all day long – especially the parsley. This is a female as she has a band of iridescent blue on her hindwings while males have a band of yellow. See how the lower part of her body is curved in as she lays her eggs? See one of her eggs next to the “c” in cooking in the lower left corner? Smaller than the tip of a sharpened pencil…

Sure enough here are some of the very tiny eggs she laid on my curly parsley. I will be seeing caterpillars soon if the predators, such as spiders, don’t eat them all!

You can visibly see 3 eggs; two are in the middle of the photo on the left and right, and one below the left egg in the photo. She laid each egg in a different part of the parsley.

My curly parsley, thyme, violas, little gem marigolds, nasturtiums and zinnias! I guess if I was a butterfly I would want to lay my eggs here among such pretty flowers and herbs. Lots of good parsley to munch on  when they become caterpillars  🙂

Linking to Angie @ Fiesta Friday #234 and Jenny @ Apply To Face Blog and Deb @ Pantry Portfolio

18 thoughts on “Black Swallowtail Butterfly Laying Her Eggs

  1. Ahhhhhh just lovely Judi. Love nature posts and I’m loving how you captured the beautiful butterfly and explained it all step by step. Just wonderful! Thanks for taking us on a nature tour, simply breathtaking! Those flowers sure created a lovely environment for the butterflies to lay their eggs. Well done!


    • Thanks Loretta – I sit at my computer in the kitchen and can look out onto my deck and see my visitors. She was flying around a lot that day and finally chose her spot to lay her eggs. It was fun to watch and capture in my photos 🙂


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