My Nephew Travis’ Motorcycle Trip

My nephew Travis has started his year long motorcycle trip. So many adventures he is going to have – hopefully all good! Such is the technology available to him as he can document his entire trip and upload pictures and drone footage on his WP blog. He also has a GPS tracker to see where he’s been and then of course he will be able to text and email.

This is so fascinating to me to be able to join Travis in his adventure of a lifetime. He did suggest I get a side car and come along with him. LOL!

In Travis’s own words: “I’m a 28 year old guy that decided to quit the rat race for a little while and go see a bit of the world. I’m planning on taking somewhere on the order of a year off of work to travel by motorcycle from Washington DC to Argentina”.

2018-01-29 13.39.09

My rough plan is to zig zag across Mexico and all the countries of Central America on my way down to Panama. From there, I’ll ship my bike to Colombia and make my way down the west coast of South America to Chile, where I’ll cross back over towards the east coast to explore for a bit before finally ending up in Buenos Aires and shipping me and (hopefully) my bike home.

Hope you enjoy the blog, I’ll mainly be posting pictures & drone footage along the way (until my drone inevitably gets stolen), with updates on my travels as well I’m sure.

Stay safe Travis and love you ❤

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21 thoughts on “My Nephew Travis’ Motorcycle Trip

  1. This sounds like lot of fun. I will look forward to all the interesting stories and pictures. I hope we get to see them on your blog as well Aunt Juju. Best wishes to Travis. Have a safe and enjoyable journey.


    • I still can’t believe Travis is doing this but I know this is a trip he has been wanting to make. He will have a good time and get to learn and see so much that most of us never will. He’s a smart young man and will make good decisions on his journey through South America 🙂

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