Mini Football Oreos Covered In Chocolate

Are you ready for some football – maybe all the great commercials at least!  Superbowl is not too far off; February 4th, and I wanted to share this new mini mold with you.

Back in 2012 I posted the larger version of these tasty cookies.


Then came out with this new “mini” version. It’s perfect and I have found that many people prefer the smaller cookies – you can always have two or three! You can see I used milk and dark chocolate – I have family who request different chocolates. Also, you can keep it really simple by not adding the white laces.

Linking to Fiesta Friday and the two co-hosts Lily @ Little Sweet Baker and Judi @

If you want to see the many, many Oreo cookies I have made just search “Oreos”. You’ll find gardening, holiday, and many odds and ends molds – both regular size and mini.


The picture below shows the difference in sizes. They are a two-bite (maybe one for some) chocolate delight. I couldn’t find a small snack package of the large Oreo cookies to show the difference better, but I think you get the idea.  I just didn’t want to buy a whole bag of them because then I would have to eat them! You know it is one of the very few store bought cookies that I love! I just kick them up a notch by covering them with more chocolate.

43 thoughts on “Mini Football Oreos Covered In Chocolate

  1. Those are awesome! Perfect for a Superbowl party. I didn’t think Oreos could get any better, but you did it by covering them in chocolate! Thanks for co-hosting with me:)


  2. Oh these look lovely. My sis is gonna love them. Thanks for sharing. Oreos can’t get any better.


  3. These are so darling!! Perfect for game party! I don’t like oreos that much but I will eat them every single time there’s any around! I would like them covered in chocolate, though! Genius!


  4. Wow Judi, you are all set to go aren’t you? Those mini footballs are just darling! Did you make them last weekend when the Eagles/Vikings played? I don’t really watch Football as I don’t understand the rules, but when the Philadelphia Eagles are playing and looking good, you stop everything and turn the tv on 🙂


    • Thanks Loretta – people like these little treats! I watch my alma mater (Univ. Of MI) college football and the Super Bowl (mainly the commercials). I don’t understand it that well and the guys are always getting hurt 😦 Now if the Lions ever make it I’m sure I would have to watch 🙂


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