Kitchen Gadgets – Breville Hot Wok

I purchased this electric wok after many years using a traditional one that I used on top of a burner on my gas range. The old one was getting kind of scummy – I know people say it was seasoned but it really wasn’t. Different from a cast iron pan!  I love this new gadget for many reasons:

  1. cook’n look lid with tempered glass and an adjustable steam vent
  2. quantanium non-stick surface treated for scratch resistance, durability and easy clean-up
  3. the bowl has a 6 quart capacity and is 14″ in diameter which is ideal for stir-fries steaming and deep frying
  4. the base is very sturdy  and the bowl removes easily for cleaning
  5. 1500w heating element
  6. the temperature control probe has 15 heat settings up to 425°

DSC_9582 DSC_9583  DSC_9585 1-DSC_9495 1-DSC_9505

This gadget is very well made, sturdy, heavy-duty and stable and can withstand any amount of stir-frying or deep frying. Possibly, the only disadvantage is storage as it is big. No space in my kitchen but I’m sure there’s room in one of my first floor closets 🙂

7 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets – Breville Hot Wok

  1. I am still using my trusty wok but in my new house I have a ceramic hob..the two don’t gel and as I have 2 kitchens was thinking of getting a gas hob which is traditionally what Thais use or open fire… but this electric one looks good..Thank you 🙂


  2. Thank you for this review. I too, have a scummy…oh that is a perfect word….wok that needs replacing and I would not have considered an electric wok replacement until reading this great post. Thank you. 🐞


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