Cook in Julia Child’s Kitchen

Would you like to cook in Julia Child’s original kitchen in her summer cottage in France? I know I would be so inspired and honored just to stand in her kitchen, let alone use it to make great recipes like she did.

Since receiving the groundbreaking cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (first published in September, 1961) for a wedding present many years ago I have been a big fan/follower of this remarkable chef. I have enjoyed her cooking shows, guest appearances and especially her cookbooks. I do not own all of them but the picture below gives you a good example of what she had published.


She became the first woman inducted into the Culinary Institute Hall of Fame. In 1964 she received the George Foster Peabody Award and an Emmy Award in 1966. In 2000 Julia received France’s highest honor; the Legion d’Honneur. In 2002 the Smithsonian’s National Museum of History unveiled an exhibit featuring the kitchen. More recently she was the inspiration behind the 2009 film Julie and Julia, based on a cooking blog by Julie Powell.

In August 2004, the world lost a great culinary legend at the young age of 91. There will never be anyone like Julia Child; her stature (only 6′ 2″), her style, her distinct voice  with her hearty humor and an unforgettable laugh. She was entertaining on her TV shows and I enjoyed the way she threw a whole fish down on the table, or snapped bones – some were critical but not me. Even back then some were concerned about the high levels of fat, but not Julia. Gene gave me this sign which hangs  in my kitchen…


My personal connection to Julia is our nickname Juju. Julia’s father had a number of nicknames for his daughter when she was young and Juju was one of them. Mine was given to me by a special nephew who at the young age of 2 could not pronounce Judi so he called me Aunt Juju. The kids still call me that to this day. That’s where my blog’s name comes from and to remember this young man we lost just a few years ago. His absence has left a big hole in my heart ❤

Denny - blog

When I read the recent “Food News” in the June issue of the Food Network Magazine that Julia’s  home in France could be rented with the possibility of cooking in her kitchen I had to look into this further.

Purchased by Kathie Alex in the 1990s, and turned into a cooking school, La Peetch closed in 2015. Julia’s summer cottage was then bought by the American husband/wife team of Makenna and Yvonne Johnston who will return La Peetch to her roots  as it not only becomes a cooking school but a yoga retreat.  Beginning in 2017 the new owners will be offering cooking sessions,  yoga classes (optional), weekly rentals for a vacation retreat and who knows what else. Check out their site for further information. There are still openings for 2017!!! You can rent this cottage through Airbnb which is an online rental service that enables people to list, find and rent vacation homes.

To cook in Julia Child’s summer cottage where she and Paul lived for nearly 3 decades would be a dream come true. A Foodie Paradise to say the least. La Pitchoune, which was lovingly shortened to La Peetch, is a small stucco house built in the village of Plascassier in France. It is not far from Chateauneuf-Grasse, a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department in southeastern France.

It is only 1500 square feet and accommodates up to 6 people. There are lovely grounds including olive trees and lavender surrounding the well-maintained gardens. What an opportunity to visit and cook in this beautiful and historical property. Besides, you are in the heart of Provence food country. There are many restaurants, wineries and markets to visit within a two hour drive to make your vacation complete.



Julia Child in 1978. (AP Photo/File)

Julia Child in 1978 (AP Photo File)

Photo by Sotheby’s International Realty

Apparently, the kitchen is just about the same as when Julia cooked there except for the stove, right down to the pots and pans!

Photo by Sotheby’s International Realty

The rest of the house was updated – how beautiful the living room is.

 Chateauneuf-Grasse photo chateauneufgrasse0047b.jpg

La Peetch is not far from this charming village on a hill in the countryside of France.

Gene and I visited France a number of times, especially enjoying our road trips through the stunning countryside where we viewed the ancient villages,  castles everywhere and the numerous chateaus we always stayed at. My favorite was Chateau de Ligny not far from Cambrais. We had a private stairway to the top floor of our special room with a private bath.

Yes, that’s me peeking out of our room!

Chateau de Ligne_0002

Stairway to our room… Chateau de Ligne_0001

I remember the “pate farms” too – I think I gave up pate after witnessing so many farms  with ducks being fattened up! Besides Paris and all of its glitter, museums and shows, Limoges was one of my favorite places to visit. They had every possible piece of white china you could ever want. There was a huge store with nothing but white porcelain dishes. I bought as much as I could to take back to the United States.

Chateau de Ligne_0003

In conclusion, if you are looking for adventure, a wonderful foodie experience and a great way to spend your vacation give La Peetch a try. Take me with you please 🙂

I am sharing this with Angie @ Fiesta Friday #125, Quinn @ Dadwhats4dinner and Elaine @ Foodbod.

31 thoughts on “Cook in Julia Child’s Kitchen

  1. Wow!! and a double wow!!! How amazing is this…It must be quite an experience to be able to cook in Julia Child’s kitchen…perhaps some day…for now I will put it down on my bucket list:))


  2. Your post was very interesting Judi…it had me reading more about the little house. I’m sure the two girls will be very successful because of the kitchen but I think they are living off Julia’s fame. It would be fun to say you had cooked in it so I hope you get the opportunity someday.


    • Thanks Karen – I have fond memories of our trips to France and how much we enjoyed the countryside especially down South. Lots of good times… I guess that is life living off of Julia’s fame but I was only thinking about the experience and how much I would enjoy sharing a part of her life.


  3. Wouldn’t this be fun! My husband and I spent 3 weeks all over Provence last fall and it was such a wonderful experience. We’ve been before, but not for an extended period of time. And the rose!!! (ro-zay!)


    • My thought exactly. We loved Southern France and each time we went it was always a driving trip so we got to see and do so many things. Staying in Julia’s summer cottage and cooking in her kitchen would be the highlight of a trip.


  4. How fabulous, what an amazing experience that would be!! I love all of your photos, and love the sign Gene bought you – brilliant!!
    Thank you for sharing this with everyone at this week’s Fiesta Friday, Juju 😀😀 xxx


  5. Hi! I saw this post @ Fiesta Friday.
    Really loved the look into Julia’s life. How fun it would be to cook in her kitchen!
    Thanks for the good read!


    • Thanks – I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Julia was quite the chef and contributed so much to the culinary world. To rent her cottage with 5 other people and shop in the countryside for the ingredients to later make in her kitchen. Or take cooking classes – I would enjoy both…


  6. What a nice looking young man Judi. So sad that he must have passed young. I really wish that I would have been interested in cooking shows when Julia did them. She was so talented and definitely was a pioneer in the culinary world for women.


    • Thanks – For the Smithsonian to have an exhibit of Julia’s kitchen you know she was highly respected to have such an honor added to her legacy. Not sure if/when I will get back to France but this would be on my list. I still can visit the Smithsonian again here in the States – I was there probably 20 years ago… 🙂


    • Julia was unique and certainly one of a kind. Young and old have found her to be quite inspirational. She was definitely entertaining and a great addition to the culinary world. Never cooked much French even though I have a number of her cookbooks. Southern France is beautiful and a great place to visit and if I ever get back to France her cottage will certainly be on my list.


  7. I wish I could cook in her kitchen, Judi! It would be such an honor!! Thanks for sharing with us pictures of her home and thanks for the beautiful write-up!!


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