Cooking Tidbits – Wondra Flour

I have frequently used Wondra over the years especially in gravies but I thought I would post the reasons as a cooking tidbit since a young relative was just asking me about it. As this is my family blog and I have all kinds of information in it I thought I would provide her with some answers.

Wondra is a specific brand of instant or quick-mixing flour which Β is finely ground, low protein and is especially formulated to dissolve quickly in liquid. It is preheated with very hot water, then dried out in a process called pregelatinization. Because of its ability to dissolve instantly in hot liquids make it an ideal thickener for sauces, gravies and other cooked sauces.

It can also be used for other things as well. Think about all of the recipes you make where you need a little flour to thicken a sauce. Julia Child recommended it for crepes, because it only needs a 10 minute resting period rather than an hour. I make sausage crepes and manicotti crepes and will have to remember to try it. Certainly saves some “waiting” time.

Have you ever had lumpy gravy? Give Wondra a try the next time you make your gravy for Thanksgiving! This information comes from Cuisine.

DSC_6682-001 DSC_6684-001


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