Kitchen Gadgets -Tortilla Warmers

I certainly have had my share of tortilla warmers, the nice ceramic or terra cotta ones that look so nice on the table.  Unfortunately, they do not stay warm very long.  I have even wrapped a few in paper towels and microwaved them for  a quick wrap but are not good for when you are serving a crowd.

Then along comes the “tortilla warmer” which I believe was advertised in a magazine, just cannot remember which one. You can go online for various sources and designs.  It will heat  2-4 tortillas in 15 seconds, 5-7  in 30 seconds,and 8-10 in 45 seconds and 12 in a minute.  Best of all they will stay warm and soft throughout your meal for up to an hour. Of course the times will vary depending on your microwave and the size and types of your tortillas. There are many designs to choose from  – I chose the sun! It is 12-inches in diameter so will hold various sizes of tortillas. They can be machine washed and best of all, they are cheap!  I am going to buy more to have on hand for larger crowds and also get some for gifts.

In the picture on the far right I tried to capture the steam coming out.

I am thrilled with this new kitchen gadget and I am sure it will get used a lot for enchiladas, burritos, fajitas and so on 🙂

DSC_6220  DSC_6222 DSC_6221


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