Kitchen Gadgets – Ice Cube Trays

I have been collecting ice cube trays for some time – I like unique and fun trays that make any drink special.  So far I have 20 different ice cube trays ranging from the ones you might find in your freezer, to swizzle sticks to animals and flowers to holidays such as Halloween and even ones with lids.  My latest ice cube tray comes from a sister who was visiting Sweden and the ice cube tray depicts the Dalahorse, a simple toy carved out of wood  for the children.

You can flavor these with any liquid such as juice or coffee for the “coffee bean” for iced coffees.  The flower one I like to add a violet or other small edible flower.  You can also add small pieces of fruit, olives for your martini  to make your ice cubes more colorful.  I even made tabasco spiked ice cubes for bloody marys.  If you are using water buy distilled water and boil it first – the fruit/flowers will show up better.  I like to use the ones with a lid to freeze my pesto in small amounts and when I need a little for soup or a dip I just pop one out.  There are large cube trays for pitchers/punches and smaller ones for individual drinks.

Here are some good ideas from 1) frozen pureed raspberries for lemonade or water, 2) frozen pureed melon or mango for lemonade, 3) frozen lemonade for iced tea, 4) besides raspberries, used sliced red grapes or strawberries for sparkling cider, 5) add slivers of orange, lime or lemon to add to many drinks, 6) edible flowers are always good and pretty, 7) sliced jalapenos for margaritas, 8) frozen chocolate milk for white milk and 9) frozen black coffee for iced coffee or iced lattes.

DSC_3686  DSC_3688  DSC_3689  DSC_3690

DSC_3693  DSC_3711  DSC_3710

DSC_3691 DSC_3696

DSC_3697 DSC_3698

DSC_3709 DSC_3699

DSC_3700 DSC_3701

DSC_3704 DSC_3705

DSC_3708 DSC_3702


DSC_3679    DSC_0577

DSC_2936 IMG_2520

DSC_1143    DSC_3736

DSC_1152 DSC_3737


DSC_0742 IMG_2064

17 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets – Ice Cube Trays

  1. Still had a few minutes before church, so I thought if stop by now! Wow! Now that’s an awesome collection of ice cube trays… I don’t own even one! Ok… Not true, I have two regular ice cube trays at the cabin. :-). There are quite a few here that I adore!! Love the hearts, love the lemon slice ones, and those big spheres! Thanks so much for sharing Judi! Awesome post! ❤️


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