Kitchen Gadgets – Pie Helpers

There are 3 pie helpers that have continuously come in handy for me when I am making a crust, whether it be for a savory or a sweet pie.  The first is a pie shield – this is placed on top of the pie when the crust is browning too much before the insides are done.  Recently I used it when I was making a quiche.

I have also included a “pie dam”.  After you cut and remove  your first piece of a fruit pie you place this gadget right next to the cut edges to prevent the juices from spilling out.

Pie shield…

The second item is an oven saver.  I need this gadget sometimes when I am making a juicy fruit pie and I know the seal on my  crust is not perfect, even though I try to patch it.   I will place this under the pie plate, it will collect any seepage  and prevent a mishap on the bottom of my oven.  This is really a good gadget as it is much easier to clean up.

The third is pie weights – these are used when you pre-bake a pie crust for a cream pie or a quiche.  They prevent the crust from puffing up.  These little weights are perfect gadgets to have on hand.

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