Sourdough Chocolate Cake with Espresso Icing

Are you looking for a simple way to use your sourdough starter besides baking bread? Do you like an intense chocolate flavor enhanced by espresso in a cake and in the icing too? Then this recipe  is your answer. You won’t taste any sour in this cake just the deep, full flavor of chocolate. The … Continue reading

Sourdough Rye Bread in my Mini Zo Bread Machine

Yikes – this rye bread was good. One of the best I’ve made in my Mini Zo. The crust and the bread itself had a good texture and a slice was delicious lathered up with butter. Hmmm – reuben sandwich next! Last week I posted a Sourdough Bread I made in my Mini Zo and I was … Continue reading

Homemade San Francisco Sourdough Bread

This post is Part 2 of baking with sourdough. Part 1 was Sourdough – Reviving your Starter when for the first time making bread I weighed my Rosebud starter, flour and water as I went through a 2-day process of turning her into a bubbly happy camper. I was turning cups into grams and even ounces – … Continue reading

Sourdough – Reviving Your Starter

In the Spring, 2016 issue of Sift, a King Arthur Flour (KAF) Publication, there is a section dedicated to sourdough. Included are recipes, some of which I have already made, and a couple of pages devoted to reviving your sourdough starter. This issue is available in stores right now if you’re interested in purchasing it. … Continue reading

Sourdough Pumpernickel Bread

I decided to experiment with making pumpernickel bread. I first made a recipe many years ago after Gene and I first met and he bought me a beautiful Jenn-Air stove.  This fancy appliance came with a nice cookbook and a recipe for pumpernickel bread was in it. It turned out great as far as I … Continue reading

Sourdough Pancakes using Selma’s Starter

Just a few weeks ago I received in the mail, all the way from the UK, a dry sourdough starter from a fellow blogger, Selma @ Selmas Table.  I have been following Selma for some time and I always look forward to her recipes and informative posts.  Check her site out as you will not … Continue reading

Sourdough Cinnamon-Apple French Toast

What a delicious light-textured yeast bread topped with apples, cinnamon and maple syrup.  There is no obvious sourdough flavor but I am sure the starter does add some depth to this great breakfast/brunch dish.  The crust has a crispy bottom and would make an excellent  pizza dough!  If used as a pizza cut the toppings … Continue reading

Sourdough Fruit Muffins

I have not used my sourdough starter in a recipe for 2 months, but my King Arthur Flour Baking Sheet arrived and there was a new recipe for muffins – perfect!  I have been feeding my starter  every week and I decided to put it to good use in these sourdough fruit muffins.  All I can say is … Continue reading

Hi-Fiber English Sourdough Muffins

If you like a sourdough taste to your bread give these  English Muffins a try.  This recipe comes from King Arthur Flour’s Baking Sheet with a points value of 3 per muffin and 4 grams of fiber.  Yes, this baking publication is now posting Weight Watcher’s Points Plus on all of their recipes.  All kinds of “good … Continue reading