Mexican Rice with Tomatoes and Jalapenos

This tomato-based red rice is a popular side to serve with many Mexican dishes. It’s very easy to make ahead and reheat when you need to serve it. Served with Spicy Mexican Refried Beans and Chicken Chimichangas – Baked…

Sweet Potato and Apple Latkes

Doesn’t this combination sound good? These latkes are both savory and sweet  and served with a tangy buttermilk sauce, creamy sriracha sauce or a horseradish cocktail sauce. When I was growing up my Dad made potato pancakes out of a box (would you believe) to go with Sauerbraten and all the fixins’. Now, I not … Continue reading

Elaine’s Rose Harissa Spice Mix

I fell in love with this mix when I first saw Elaine’s post. Rose petals and lots of spicy seasonings truly appealed to my taste buds. For Elaine’s original recipe go here. As a matter of fact I picked it to be a feature and it was that week! Many have already seen Elaine’s Rose Harrisa … Continue reading

Potato Pancakes Two Ways

When you plan to have baked potatoes for dinner, just throw in a few extra to make these pancakes for breakfast the next morning, or make them thin and serve with sauerbraten like my dad did.  See my recipe Dad’s Sauerbraten. For a new recipe see Sauerkraut Apple Latkes which are a little sweet and … Continue reading

Rice Pilaf

I am a big fan of white rice.  I have tried brown rice a number of times and so far do not care for the ‘nutty’ taste.  I know it is healthier, so I will keep trying.  For now though, this is the rice I frequently fix for my stir-fries.  This recipe came from a … Continue reading

Caramelized Apple Slices Three Ways

I have 2 excellent recipes to share, one is good with a roast  and the other two are  great on top of ice cream or pancakes.  Golden Delicious apples are available all year-long so you can make these any time you want.  Just about 10 minutes and you are done. Apples for a roast: 1 tbsp. fresh … Continue reading