Lavender Loaf Cake With Pistachios, Lime and Lemon

I frequently see recipes I want to make and I will print the recipe and put it in a file to make later. However, there are a few times when I run across a recipe that I want to make right now. Chef Ronit’s lavender loaf cake is one of those recipes. See Funny … Continue reading

Cupcakes with Popcorn and Chive Blossoms

When I first read the name of this recipe I said “what” and I just had to investigate further.  Then my curiosity made me want to see what the finished cupcakes tasted like.   This recipe comes from “Cooking With Flowers” by Miche Bacher.  This book is fun, colorful and a good source if you … Continue reading

May Wine with Strawberries and Sweet Woodruff

This is a delightful punch that can be made any time of the year and not just in May.  This traditional wine  is an old libation originating in Germany and is consumed throughout Europe.  I was surprised how many countries celebrate May Day as a springtime celebration with their own unique customs.  Not only do … Continue reading

Herb and Flower Crystals for Sweet and Savory Dishes

I have always enjoyed cooking/baking with flowers and herbs.  When I saw these crystals recently I thought “what fun” and something new for me as I am always eager to try something different.    Another snow storm is coming today and the coldest weather we have had in 20 years.  Winter is going strong now with 3 months to … Continue reading

Lemon Verbena and Mint Iced Tea

You can make tea using many different kinds or combination of herbs or edible flowers.  You just need to experiment and find the flavors you like best.  Herb teas are decaffeinated and so refreshing;  you control what goes in your tea.  Many recipes call for boiling water and pouring over a certain amount of crushed herbs … Continue reading

Pasta Salad with Chicken and Thyme Blossoms

When my herbs are fresh beginning in early Spring and continuing through late Fall, I am always using them in my cooking.  This recipe comes from one of my  edible flower cookbooks, ‘Flowers in the Kitchen’ by Susan Belsinger. A small, simple book but it has great recipes.   It was published in 1991 and for over 20 years this cookbook … Continue reading

Corn Muffins with Calendula Petals

I grow a lot of calendula flowers, or pot marigold, in my herb garden and they reseed like crazy and come back every year.  A pretty flower where you use only the petals to put on top of a salad or for a bright color accent in these muffins.

Edible Flowers

During the summer months in Michigan I love to use these little gems of summer in my cooking.  I have a number of recipes where I have used edible flowers and I will not list them all except for the ones below.   As my edible flowers bloom I will add pictures and suggestions on what … Continue reading

Flower Garden Brie

I have fun using my edible flowers as decorations, in a salad or this appetizer which is one of my favorites. Dill leaves and johnny jump-ups:

Shrimp and Pasta Salad

This is a great salad to serve any time of the year as shrimp is always available, whether fresh or frozen.  I do try to buy my shrimp from Whole Foods when I can. Not too long ago some frozen shrimp I bought  somewhere else had a bit of a ‘fishy’ flavor.