Baked Cauliflower Hot Wings with a Dipping Sauce

A favorite vegetable becomes an appetizer dipping the florets in a  flavorful batter, baking them,  drizzling  with hot sauce and crisping them up under the broiler.  I do have to admit you do not get the crispy texture when you deep fry but they do have that great “hot wings” flavor and it is all … Continue reading

Fried Pickle Chips

Fried pickles! Be prepared for a special treat. If you are going to fry something try these fried pickles with a beer batter (the best – Tasting Table versus Hooter’s) – your guests will be hanging out in your kitchen and gobbling them up just as fast as you can fry them. Thank you Bernell … Continue reading

Peanut Dipping Sauce or Satay Sauce

When you make any kind of a kebob, whether it is beef, chicken or pork on the grill a dipping sauce is a good idea to serve with it.  Sauces with peanut butter…yum… I did a taste test on three different peanut sauces I have made as well as a bottled version.  The dipping sauce is … Continue reading

Baked Chicken Fingers Two Ways

Everyone likes chicken fingers, especially if you have a nice sauce, or two, to go with them.  I have two versions, one by Buddy Valastro (I did change his recipe a little) and the other is a Weight Watcher’s recipe.  I have included some dipping sauces  to go along with the chicken. See also Best … Continue reading