Potato-Chorizo Sopes With Avocado Crema

Sopes are a traditional Mexican dish found throughout  Mexico and there are  thousands of regional favorites. Sopes are  like thick tortillas  made with masa harina and  have pinched sides. These savory tarts are often served for dinner but can also be made smaller and  served as appetizers. The best part is the various toppings you can … Continue reading

Custard Filling for Mini Tart Shells

This is one of my good ole standbys for quick, easy and delicious desserts that can be made ahead of time. I love these little bite-size treats and they are perfect for any kind of gathering. This version was originally in Tart Shell Fillings Eight Ways but the post needed some better pictures.  So I decided to repost … Continue reading

Raspberry Brownie Tartlets

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM MY KITCHEN TO YOURS! How about serving these luscious mini brownies with a chocolate pastry crust, raspberry brownie filling, topped with a fresh raspberry and finished with a ganache drizzle. Perfect little bite-sized treats for your holiday celebrations. Don’t you just love the muffin papers that look like Santa’s … Continue reading

Baklava Tart Filling

This is another super easy dessert to prepare ahead of time.  Just prepare the filling until you are ready to serve. There is no cooking or baking – how easy is this to provide a sweet little treat like pecan pie. I have a total of (now 10) fillings for these scrumptious tarts. See Tart Shell … Continue reading

Raspberry-Cream Shortbread Tartlets

This is my ninth filling for these delicious tarts  and this one comes from Tea Time Magazine. There is no cooking or baking (if you buy the packaged tartlet shells). The pudding and shortbread topped with a fresh raspberry coated in currant or raspberry jelly is just scrumptious.For the rest of the recipes see Tart … Continue reading

Chocolate Tart with Candied Citrus

A week ago I posted Candied Citrus for Sweet Desserts and I wanted to give an example of what you can do with these luscious bits of fruit.  From the pretzel crust (salty) to the chocolate filling (sweet) to the candied citrus it was pure heaven!  This recipe is adapted from a The Taste of the … Continue reading

Pecan Pie Tarts Two Ways

When you want a little taste of Pecan Pie make these yummy, bite-size desserts.  The first recipe comes from a sister’s mother-in-law.  I do not have the author for the second recipe but it looks real good.  See also my recipe for Pecan Pie.   

Tart Shell Fillings Eight Ways

First you start off with a good shell; see my recipe Tart Shell Doughs and then you  make a really delicious dessert with the following fillings.  They are all tasty and very easy to put together.  A great do-ahead dessert!     The bottom right tart shows the chocolate mousse filling not beaten (see the picture above … Continue reading

Tart Shell Doughs Five Ways

These mini tarts are the perfect dessert to serve a crowd and most of the work can be done ahead of time.  There are packaged shells available made out of shortbread, fillo and chocolate and they are very convenient to use.  Homemade is extra work but for these tarts it is worth it – the taste is … Continue reading