Strawberry Filled Muffins

It’s strawberry season in Michigan once again  and the berries are small but so juicy and delicious. I make all kinds of recipes using these beautiful berries including Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Cream Cake with Nasturtiums, Strawberry Scuffins, Smoothies, even a Strawberry Tiramisu. Of course they are always good in salads, or with fruit dips … Continue reading

Super Bowls with Cornbread and Chili

Two of my favorite chili recipes are  my Black Bean Chili and Chili Michigan Style (see recipes below). I also included my favorite corn bread recipe which I adapted to fit a 6-well jumbo muffin tin. Once again I found a very neat idea from a recent issue of the Food Network Magazine; this time … Continue reading

Cranberry-Orange Crunch Muffins and My Holiday Trees

The flavor combination of cranberry and orange has been appearing quite frequently this holiday season.  There are many recipes using these two ingredients and I found the perfect muffin by King Arthur Flour (KAF). These will be delicious with my Christmas Day brunch of eggs, kielbasa, roasted hash browns and fresh fruit. They are on … Continue reading

Applesauce Muffins with Maple Glaze

These muffins sound good, don’t they? I know, not another apple recipe but this one is special (they all are, right?). These muffins are even better because they are healthy, I used my homemade Grandma’s applesauce which I can every year and there is maple syrup in the glaze. This recipe just shouts Fall, Fall, … Continue reading

Sausage Egg Muffin Cups

I have been looking at a number of recipes for these muffins and I finally combined a few recipes to come up with my own version.  I believe in making things that can be frozen so I am always ready for company – everyone appreciates a good breakfast and a perfect on-the-go one!    Muffins … Continue reading

Scuffins – Bacon, Cheddar and Apple

This is the third scuffins recipe I have made (and the last) and was just as good as the first, except there was no jam in the middle.   There are apple pieces so you get a touch of sweetness.  I guess for it to be a “scuffin” it should have jam  but with bacon … Continue reading

Scuffins – Strawberry Cream

This recipe appeared in a Better Homes and Garden magazine and has a different twist.  They have  lots of fresh strawberries inside and outside and then drizzled with a little icing to add more sweetness.  Of course I cannot forget about the strawberry jelly filling in the middle which really makes these scuffins special!   … Continue reading

Scuffins From Frog Hollow Farm

While reading a Better Homes and Garden magazine (at the dentist office) I saw recipes for “scuffins”.  Okay, so I asked myself what is a scuffin?  Luckily the magazine was recent and still available in the stores otherwise I would have asked my dentist if I could borrow it!  I mean with a name like … Continue reading