My 2018 Michigan Container Garden

Some know I moved from my 1 acre home with lots of flower/veggie/herb beds, trees and shrubs.  I am now gardening in containers on my small deck attached to my condo which is not quite the same but still enjoyable. One thing for sure there is a lot less work!

My garden so far includes edible flowers: pansies and violas, blue boys, 2 kinds of mini marigolds, 2 kinds of nasturtiums; herbs: dill, parsley, 2 kinds of thyme, 2 kinds of basil (including Thai),  oregano, mint, 2 kinds of sage, tarragon, rosemary, chives; veggies: 2 kinds of lettuce, Thai Dragon and Jalapeno peppers. I might have to get a cherry tomato plant to make my garden complete! These all do great in containers so there is no excuse not to have a garden no matter how small your space.

As soon as I started to pot up my herbs, lettuce, pansies and violas I had visitors coming to check things out. Here are the first to visit my container garden…  As the season goes along I hope to add many more pictures of my Michigan garden in containers.

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A small bumblebee enjoying my violas amongst my lettuce…

A bee or a wasp – I did try to identify it in my reference books… Maybe a yellow jacket?

Some recently potted plants that I grew from  seed and those that I bought or grew under gro-lights…

I love these containers (not fond of plastic but they fit perfectly on my railing)… I bought three so I will be able to add more of a variety of plants.

Actually, this was my first visitor that I captured on my camera; a wasp interested in my lunch! Zingerman Deli Pot Pies post yet to come… I did not know this little guy was in the picture!

Wasps aren’t the best pollinators but they still are pretty to look at – from a distance! Notice the pretty markings on him…

I knew “someone” was stealing the fibers from my coco fiber basket… to build their nest… Don’t you just love robins!

A male cardinal came to visit…

This chickadee was probably building a nest too…

22 thoughts on “My 2018 Michigan Container Garden

  1. Beautiful. I’m kind of jealous. I like gardening enough, but when it gets hot, like yesterday when it was 96, I have a hard time being out for a few hours. Sometimes I fantasize about having a patio home!


  2. You have a beautiful garden and I love the pictures of your visitors. I’ve been hanging the combed out fur from the dogs on a shrub outside my window and watching the birds take it for nesting material. You can stay connected to nature with even a few growing things. Come late summer I will be envious of the easy care you have.


    • Thanks Liz – nothing compared to what I use to have – like your yard now with all the perennials. Except I use to grow a bunch of veggies too. Gene has been gone 9 years so it was time for me to get something more manageable… Your dogs have beautiful fur and I am sure the birds loved to build their nests with it.


    • Thanks Diann – I have been gardening a long time and no matter what the size I always enjoy it. I don’t miss all of the physical work with a big garden but the personal satisfaction of seeing my veggies/flowers/herbs thrive!


  3. It felt like I was reading my own story on your gardening post Judi. We too downsized from that acre lot to a much smaller lot. We do have flower beds all around, but I have also started container gardening, mostly flowers though. I love your selection and can’t wait for you to post more gardening posts. Great job!


    • Hi and thanks Loretta – yes, my gardening has scaled down quite a bit. I have a nice front yard but it is full of trees, shrubs and a few perennials. Because I am renting this condo I am not putting any money into it. The sides of all the condos are just grass and the back is all Association grounds so I just let them do their thing. I can enjoy my deck with containers…


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