Pansy and Herb Ice Cooler

Think SPRING!  Yes I took this picture of snow showers this morning from my front porch.  Luckily, it all melted right away!


Later that afternoon I opened my front door and robins are building a nest in my wreath on the front door.   Wow, they are quick!  This seems to happen every year…  No, there were no eggs or I would have left the nest alone.  So, once again down comes the wreath!  I just love, love, love SPRING in Michigan 🙂


Now, this reminds me of Spring – pansies  are one of the first reminders that winter is almost, if not over!  This is an update of Pansy Ice Cooler where I used water from my reverse osmosis system.  This time I used bottled spring water and a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio instead of vodka, ready for a friend’s visit.

Empty a milk or juice carton and cut off the top.  Place the wine or vodka bottle in the middle of the carton.  Pour a small amount of water and layer with your herbs, pansies and other spring flowers.  I used a small dowel to push/place the flowers and herbs where I wanted them.  Allow to freeze and pour in another layer of water and flowers.  Continue to do this with a final layer of water covering the top flowers.

When ready to serve, cut or tear off the carton and place in a bowl to catch the water as the ice melts.  I put a small piece of paper towel underneath to prevent the ice cooler from sliding around.

DSC_6050 DSC_6052

DSC_6053 DSC_6076





I am sharing this pretty and fun way to serve wine, vodka or a beverage of your choice with Fiesta Friday #65. Think SPRING I keep saying to myself as I start to party with Angie and her 2 co-hosts Jhuls and Effie.

53 thoughts on “Pansy and Herb Ice Cooler

  1. How beautiful is this?! This sounds refreshing, Aunt Juju. It was beautiful outside your home, too. 🙂 I am glad that you are here at FF. I hope you are having a good time. xx


  2. How brilliant Judi, clever you. Will definitely like to repeat this in my garden someday :). The wind chill here was pretty bad the past 2 days, but hopefully spring will stay the next time it hits 75deg (which was last week).


  3. Just gorgeous, Judi! I love spring too! So funny about your snow showers today! We just had a huge dump of hail that turned everything completely white! It seems we are all experiencing some weird weather!


  4. I LOVE the pictures on this post, they’re all soooo pretty! Even the snow one, which I can’t believe i’m saying, given all the snow we’ve had in NH! 🙂


  5. So fun and pretty! 🙂 And Springy! And I’m glad you caught those robins in time, the poor babies and Mama and Papa would have been very alarmed if anyone came to the front door!


      • I live off a lake and have had swallows on top of my front door light (I was afraid to turn it on until they were gone) Ducks nested on the roof of my porch of all places (the wood ducks like to be about 20 feet up) Sparrows like my back entryway and make a huge mess…and the doves liked to nest in a planter of petunias on my deck every year. They were a huge source of fascination for the kids. We’d just sit there, literally two or three feet from them as they went about their business….


      • Too funny – wildlife are such fun to watch. We too lived on water for nearly 20 years but the critters seemed to have enough trees, water, etc. to start their families. However, we did have squirrels get in on the second floor, there was a big hole in the wood where they ate through and we could hear them scampering throughout the house, especially at night when it was quiet. We finally did discourage them, Gene kept spraying an open area behind the kitchen clock and the smell got to them !!!


      • Creative, but I hope Gene is your husband and not your cat! 🙂 I have an old house ’42 so I had to laugh when you mentioned the open hole…My house it riddled with strange holes here and there probably from remodels, piping, etc…


      • We have always been dog lovers! The soffit in the kitchen (behind the clock) provided the only open area we could spray (I am not sure what he used) and it did discourage them. Our old house was built in the 1970’s and built like a rock. However, where there is a will there is a way. Enjoy your week 🙂

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