Cooking Tidbits – Temperature Degrees Symbol °

I want to share something rather simple and computer related but also having to do with cooking temperatures.  For a long time I have been spelling out the word degrees; bake at 350 degrees, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Now I know how to create the symbol °.  I have a whole list of other symbols I can make in addition to the degrees °

Hold down the ALT key at the bottom of the computer, turn the NUM LOCK key on at the upper right, and  type the numbers (on the right hand side of the computer, not the ones at the top) 0176 and voila you have the symbol for degrees °.

Thanks to a Facebook post I am thrilled that I can use this symbol now and share with anyone else who wants to use the symbol ° instead of spelling degrees.  So from now on my new posts (and any old ones) I will type; preheat at 450°F.  Looks so much better than 450 degrees, at least I think so.  Many, if not all, cookbooks or any literature where you need the degrees symbol do it this way and now finally I do 🙂

9-17-13 – I have noticed some followers are now using this symbol – so good, I have helped a few people with a computer issue!

1-DSC_0594 1-DSC_0595

2 thoughts on “Cooking Tidbits – Temperature Degrees Symbol °

  1. Thanks Robin – I have learned about the computer on my own; by reading, listening, watching, researching, a class here and there and I have a long way to go. I so enjoy learning new things, it just is not that easy to figure things out by yourself. 🙂


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