Bacon and Apple Waffles with a Cider Syrup

My family loves breakfast especially pancakes and waffles. I frequently throw in a little fruit; I have a peanut butter or sourdough version and sometimes I like to make a special syrup. How about caramelized bananas on top of your pancakes. I have 6 pancake recipes; just search pancakes for a great selection of this … Continue reading

Sourdough Pancakes using Selma’s Starter

Just a few weeks ago I received in the mail, all the way from the UK, a dry sourdough starter from a fellow blogger, Selma @ Selmas Table.  I have been following Selma for some time and I always look forward to her recipes and informative posts.  Check her site out as you will not … Continue reading

Sour Cream Waffles

This is an excellent way to start off your morning, along with some bacon, fresh fruit,  a hot cup of coffee and always some good maple syrup.