Shrimp Crepes With a Limoncello Butter-Cream Sauce

I love my “shrimps” and I often come up with new ways to serve them. These crepes paired beautifully with a limoncello butter sauce that I previously used with a fresh salmon fillet. The filling in the crepes has some of this delicious liqueur as well. Limoncello is so versatile that  I’ve added it to … Continue reading

Moscow Mules Ann Arbor Style

When a fellow blogger Ngan @ngansequitur first posted this drink recipe this past summer I was a little intrigued primarily with the name and her photography.  This drink is served in  copper mugs and that attracted me as well.  I knew I would have to get some as this drink would not be the same … Continue reading

Beef Jerky

I have not made this recipe in a few years but probably made it for about 30 years so my husband could take this homemade jerky to “Deer Camp”.  Some protein for the guys to chew on while they were out in the woods.  I will probably never make this recipe again but I wanted to … Continue reading