King Cake Scones

Mardi Gras is just around the corner and will be celebrated in the US on February 28th this year. Making a traditional “King Cake” has been on my list of recipes to try for a long time.  Once again I made something different but I am very happy I did. First I made  cupcakes with a granddaughter … Continue reading

Scuffins – Bacon, Cheddar and Apple

This is the third scuffins recipe I have made (and the last) and was just as good as the first, except there was no jam in the middle.   There are apple pieces so you get a touch of sweetness.  I guess for it to be a “scuffin” it should have jam  but with bacon … Continue reading

Scuffins – Strawberry Cream

This recipe appeared in a Better Homes and Garden magazine and has a different twist.  They have  lots of fresh strawberries inside and outside and then drizzled with a little icing to add more sweetness.  Of course I cannot forget about the strawberry jelly filling in the middle which really makes these scuffins special!   … Continue reading

Scuffins From Frog Hollow Farm

While reading a Better Homes and Garden magazine (at the dentist office) I saw recipes for “scuffins”.  Okay, so I asked myself what is a scuffin?  Luckily the magazine was recent and still available in the stores otherwise I would have asked my dentist if I could borrow it!  I mean with a name like … Continue reading