Sweet Potato and Apple Latkes

Doesn’t this combination sound good? These latkes are both savory and sweet  and served with a tangy buttermilk sauce, creamy sriracha sauce or a horseradish cocktail sauce. When I was growing up my Dad made potato pancakes out of a box (would you believe) to go with Sauerbraten and all the fixins’. Now, I not … Continue reading

Edible Flowers

During the summer months in Michigan I love to use these little gems of summer in my cooking.  I have a number of recipes where I have used edible flowers and I will not list them all except for the ones below.   As my edible flowers bloom I will add pictures and suggestions on what … Continue reading

Sage Fritters Three Ways

I always have sage growing in my garden and these special little treats are so easy to fix.  Yes, I know fried – but occasionally I enjoy these, the clean sage flavor of this herb comes through very nicely.  I use a very simple batter, not the one that came with this recipe.  I will … Continue reading

Rainbow Carrots and Green Beans

These carrots were at my local Farmers Market and I just had to buy some.  I only grew the big, long orange ones and never ventured into growing these delicate baby carrots.  So pretty too when cooked with green beans.  An added plus is all the health benefits… and they are sooo sweet… Rainbow carrots…

Pork Loin with Prosciutto, Sage and Marsala Two Ways

I make this every year when my herbs such as sage are growing.  I grow two varieties; regular and varigated.  It is a pretty herb that I grow on the south side of my home which overwinters marvelously. This is an adaptation of “saltimbocca”. Oregano and varigated sage… Chives and regular sage…