Shamrock Pesto Puff Pastry

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Do you like puff pastry and pesto? Then you will love this shamrock appetizer. A cute idea inspired by The Food Network Magazine.

Cooking Tidbits – Keeping Pesto Green

Since it is “pesto season”, at least here in Michigan I thought I would share some ways to keep your basil green or to preserve it for later use. This is by far one of my favorite herbs and every year I make a bunch for different recipes and then as the season is winding … Continue reading

Creamy Pesto Dip

This dip comes from Town House Pita Crackers found in the Food Network October issue.  As I have mentioned before I am continuously looking for ways to use the pesto I make fresh.  I also froze some this past summer which is what I used over the holidays.  This sounded really good especially with the … Continue reading

Pesto Perpetuo Basil (Ocimum x citriodorum)

This basil was at one of my local markets early in my growing season and I was immediately attracted to it because of the varigated leaves.  Then when I saw it was a type of basil I decided to give it a try in my herb garden.  I have grown many kinds of basil over the years such … Continue reading

Weight Watcher’s Pesto Two Ways

I was a little hesitant to make a Weight Watcher’s pesto when the “real” thing is so good.  See also my recipe Pesto where I have included some information on why basil turns brown and how to prevent it.  I had a lot of basil that needed to be used before it started to flower, so why … Continue reading


I almost forgot how delicious homemade pesto is especially when the basil comes from your own garden.  This is a very good and simple recipe that you can do a lot of things with such as mixing into salads, soups or casseroles; blend with mayonnaise to spread on a panini; as an appetizer on toasted … Continue reading

Turkey Panini with Pesto and Red Onions

Another delicious panini  sandwich using turkey, cheese, a pesto spread (basil, basil, basil!) and red onion slices.  I really enjoy eating a warm, grilled  sandwich filled with all kinds of goodies.