Baked Cauliflower Hot Wings with a Dipping Sauce

A favorite vegetable becomes an appetizer dipping the florets in a  flavorful batter, baking them,  drizzling  with hot sauce and crisping them up under the broiler.  I do have to admit you do not get the crispy texture when you deep fry but they do have that great “hot wings” flavor and it is all … Continue reading

Wedges (Slices) of Iceberg Lettuce with Homemade Ranch Dressing

After searching and experimenting with different recipes I finally found a ranch dressing I could work with. I have already posted wedge salad recipes with Thousand Island Dressing and  Blue Cheese Dressing. Now, you get the Ranch dressing version. These salads have been popular for a long time on American restaurant menus and I just had a … Continue reading