Yin Yang Beans

The ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang is a concept used to describe how  opposite forces are in actuality complimentary to each other. It is believed that everything has both yin and yang aspects and it is important for these forces to be balanced. It has been mentioned that the first references to yin and … Continue reading

Haricots Verts With Pancetta

Haricots Verts, or filet beans,  is French for green beans and they are usually longer and thinner than regular beans such as the bush lake variety.  These slender beans are harvested young, usually when less than 1/8-inch thick.   I use to grow this variety in my big 40 x 120′ garden in the country and as I … Continue reading

Green Beans A L’Anglaise

When I had a big garden I used to grow lots of these slender filet beans.  This variety had to be picked when the bean was very small, only up to pencil thickness.  They do freeze well if you can not eat them fast enough.  They are a little pricey in the grocery store but … Continue reading