Fennel Risotto with Parmesan and Beef Stock

Yes, this risotto has beef stock instead of white wine/chicken stock giving it an unexpected flavor. The wine may be missing but there is lots of butter, Parmesan cheese (I doubled the cheese and it was thicker but cheesy) and  beef stock. The beef stock (versus broth) gives the risotto a darker color and makes … Continue reading

Risotto Milanese Two Ways

Gene enjoyed long grain rice but preferred  a short grain rice called arborio  to be used in a risotto.    Orzo was another favorite of his which is also a short grained rice/pasta – see my recipe Savory Orzo.    I have a risotto cooker, Kitchen Gadgets – Breville Risotto Plus, which I love to use.  This gadget cooks not only risotto but rice and … Continue reading