Chicken Chimichangas with a Green Chili Sauce – Baked

A chimichanga is a Mexican-American deep-fried burrito popular in Tex-Mex and Southwestern U.S. cuisine. However, with this recipe you bake the chimichangas making this a healthier dish. These burritos  are basically tortillas wrapped around various fillings such as this flavorful chicken mixture. Serve with Spicy Mexican Refried Beans and Mexican Rice…   I started to … Continue reading

Sichuan Shrimp

Shrimp, stir-fries and spicy food sounds good, doesn’t it? After I received an email referring to this dish I didn’t care for the recipe so I looked through my Asian cookbooks. Surprisingly I did not find what I was looking for so I turned to the internet instead. This is what I came up with … Continue reading

The Gandy Dancer’s Rice Pilaf

I have found a new rice and a delicious recipe to use it in. Parboiled rice was brought to my attention with Chef Larry’s recipe, a former chef at The Gandy Dancer. I did not quite understand what parboiled rice was so once again I searched the internet for answers to my questions. I used the article … Continue reading

Asian Shrimp and Snow Peas Weight Watcher’s Style

This is another delicious Chinese recipe from Weight Watcher’s and a perfect dish to serve after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Like so many others I overate but totally enjoyed every minute of it.  I did change this dish by substituting snow peas for the original sugar snap peas.  I just happen to like that veggie better. … Continue reading

Ginger and Jasmine Tea Sushi Rice

I love just about every kind of “white” rice.  I still am trying to train my taste buds towards the healthier brown rice but so far that has not happened.   This rice is full of good flavor and I especially liked the idea of using some green tea.  This is a recipe that can … Continue reading

Lobster Stir Fry Over Rice Pilaf

Do you ever wonder why you make a certain recipe?  I recently read a post at and she described why she made a recent recipe, Cubano Sandwich. Nancy had recently watched the movie Chef and apparently this sandwich is in the movie so this inspired her to make one.  I have specific reasons too, a family … Continue reading

Risotto Milanese Two Ways

Gene enjoyed long grain rice but preferred  a short grain rice called arborio  to be used in a risotto.    Orzo was another favorite of his which is also a short grained rice/pasta – see my recipe Savory Orzo.    I have a risotto cooker, Kitchen Gadgets – Breville Risotto Plus, which I love to use.  This gadget cooks not only risotto but rice and … Continue reading