Kitchen Gadgets – Mini Oreo Cookie Molds

The regular Oreo cookie molds; see Kitchen Gadgets – Oreo Cookie Molds and Chocolate Covered Oreo Easter Cookies have been very popular as they are unique and fun to work with.    I have been able to find 5 different mini molds using Oreo’s bite size cookies.  My primary source is where they carry more of the mini’s and regular size cookie molds than any other company.  The best part is their molds are cheaper!

Check out these links for additional Oreo cookies; Valentine Oreos for Your Sweetie, Football Oreos Covered in Chocolate, Christmas Oreo Cookies, Halloween Oreo Cookies, Football Transfers and More for Chocolate Covered Oreos and MARDI GRAS Oreos with Chocolate Transfers.


IMG_2417 DSC_1880 DSC_1881 DSC_2648 1-DSC_3810 1-DSC_5398 


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