Kitchen Gadgets – Stand Mixers

My KitchenAid Stand Mixer has been around a long time and has seen a lot of use with all of the baking I have done, especially when I made 8 recipes of Royal Icing for Gingerbread Houses every year.  They now have every color in the rainbow but I will stick with my plain ole white one until it bites the dust.  When you need to mix something for more than a few minutes these gadgets really come in handy.  It is a true workhorse!


While making biscuits recently (3-30-13) my white Kitchenaid stand mixer finally quit.  Actually the locking mechanism broke (the knob on the upper right), but not the motor!  This is what holds the bowl steady so it does not move around.

So, it did not take me long to order another one – in a color of course; Majestic Yellow.  I hope this one lasts for 30 years or more too!

It is a Professional 600 series, 6-quart bowl-lift stand mixer.  It has a beater, powernead spiral dough hook and a professional-style wire whip.  My white one came with two bowls!  I just love this new one and this will sit on my counter.  In the pictures below you can see the size difference of the attachments between my original KitchenAid and my new professional one.  A lot of power and I loveeee my new kitchen gadget!

While making cupcakes recently (8-7-13) I turned the mixer on too high and flour went everywhere.  You have to start out with setting 1 – much more powerful than what I was used to!

Notice the size difference of the beaters between the two Kitchenaid stand mixers.


IMG_2606 IMG_2607

In the May, 2013 issue of “Food and Wine”  there was a two page advertisement of KitchenAid’s new Pro Line Series.  Very sleek and fine-tuned engineering!  Maybe next time…

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